Wire Harness Assembly

wire harness assemblyWire harness assembly is a specialty here at Cord Master Engineering. It is remarkable how much effort goes into making a single custom wire harness.

Wire Harness Assembly Steps

There are many steps that go into creating a custom wire harness from your specifications and drawings. Our team at Cord Master Engineering follows ISO-9001 and AS-9100 certified processes to deliver your custom cable harness projects.

  1. Identifying and sourcing the wire material(s)
  2. Identifying and sourcing the connector(s)
  3. Identifying and sourcing the tooling for any molding or overmolding
  4. Scheduling the project
  5. Building the harness
  6. Testing
  7. Shipping

Need a custom wire harness? Call Missy Crews at 413-664-9371 today!

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