Low smoke zero halogen materials

low smoke zero halogen materialsMany power cords and cable assemblies are used in closed environments with a risk of fire. Standard cords and cables rarely initiate fires. However, when standard cords and cables burn, they increase the hazards during combustion by emitting heavy smoke and toxic, corrosive gases. These effects are quite hazardous as they hinder evacuation, endanger life and cause corrosion damage to expensive equipment. Cords and cables made from low smoke zero halogen materials are preferred in these environments.

Cord Master Designs Products With Low Smoke Zero Halogen Materials

Cord Master Engineering recognizes the gap in the existing product lines of standard electronic equipment and special cable assemblies sold for closed environments. We develop cables and cord assemblies that address the needs with low smoke zero halogen materials. Cord Master has the ability to analyze your application and recommend designs within military and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) requirements.

Are you selling to the military or prime contractors? More agencies are purchasing Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products to save the cost of special designs. CME’s LSZH products allow the use of standard electronic hardware with special cords, which are the most effected by the low smoke, zero halogen requirements.

Contact Cord Master Engineering at 413-664-9371 for a complete analysis of your application. We will develop a proposal to address your low smoke zero halogen requirements and deliver solutions.


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