Satellite Wire Harness

Did you know that a typical communication satellite wire harness can weigh over 100 lbs?

Satellite Wire Harness: Here’s What the Pentagon Wants Its Satellites to Do in 15 Years

Adapting the satellite wire harness to meet the future Pentagon requirements is key.

The ability to take on new missions will help tomorrow’s constellations survive war in space.

As Chinese anti-satellite weapons reach ever higher, the U.S. military is getting serious about satellite constellations that can absorb combat damage and keep transmitting data.

It’s been almost a decade since China startled the world by destroying a weather satellite in low-Earth orbit about 500 miles up; two years ago, a Chinese test rocket reached an altitude of 6,250 miles. Increasingly, the barriers to attacking the most valuable satellites — the ones 22,300 miles up in geosynchronous orbits that keep them over a single point on Earth — are geopolitical, not technological.”


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