Refreshed Tinning

Need refreshed tinning for your inventory of parts?

Refreshed Tinning for Expired Parts

For certain industries and certain specifications, lead tinning needs to be refreshed after a period of time. Three (3) years is a common thread based upon our past experiences.  If you’ve got parts in inventory that have exceeded their tinning life, we can refresh them for you.

New Tinning Equipmentlead tinning system refreshed tinning

Cord Master Engineering has purchased a new Odyssey LX Lead Tinning System from RPS Automation. It was installed this week and production operations are ramping up as this post is being written. The combination of new capabilities and capacity comes at a timely moment in the industry. We are currently offering 2-4 week lead times on tinning and we’ve heard our competition is 14-16 weeks.

Call Missy Crews at 413-664-9371 for your refreshed tinning quote or request a quote here.

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