Raytheon Company Rollercoaster Week

As you can imagine we keep a pretty close eye on Raytheon company news.

Raytheon Company Rollercoaster Week Ends With USAF C-130 Radio Contract Win

Winning the $29.6 million contract to upgrade the C-130 radio ends the week on a positive note

“Raytheon Company (NYSE:RTN) and the United States Air Force have agreed a $29.6 million deal to install the MXF-626K VHF Communications system in USAF’s 178-strong C-130H fleet. This will put the planes in compliance with new European Air Traffic Management rules. Aircraft, in their radios, must have 8.33 kHz spacing enabled in the range of 118 to 137 MHZ.”

Read more: http://www.bidnessetc.com/59146-raytheon-company-rollercoaster-week-ends-with-usaf-c130-radio-contract-win/

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