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QFN Tinning

qfn tinning

Cord Master Engineering provides expert QFN tinning services with industry-best lead times of only 5-10 business days.

QFN Tinning or Quad Flat No-leads Tinning

Flat no-leads packages such as quad-flat no-leads (QFN) and dual-flat no-leads (DFN) physically and electrically connect integrated circuits to printed circuit boards. Flat no-leads, also known as micro leadframe (MLF) and SON (small-outline no leads), is a surface-mount technology, one of several package technologies that connect ICs to the surfaces of PCBs without through-holes. Flat no-lead is a near chip scale plastic encapsulated package made with a planar copper lead frame substrate. Perimeter lands on the package bottom provide electrical connections to the PCB.[1]Flat no-lead packages include an exposed thermal pad to improve heat transfer out of the IC(into the PCB). Heat transfer can be further facilitated by metal vias in the thermal pad.[2] The QFN package is similar to the quad-flat package, and a ball grid array.”


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