Power Supply Cord

Cord Master Engineering is a power supply cord manufacturer based in North Adams, MA USA. We manufacture custom power cords to meet our customers’ specifications. These power cords include cords made from low smoke zero halogen materials for the aerospace, defense and transportation sectors.

Power Supply Cord Manufacturing

Our facility in North Adams is focused entirely on manufacturing power cords and cable harnesses. We have extensive mold capabilities to provide the level of finish and durability required for power cord connectors.

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3 thoughts on “Power Supply Cord

  1. I’m looking for a twelve foot power cord, for my iPhone 6s, with built in transformer, made of rubber (not hard plastic). I need to minimally bend the prongs, so to firmly attach to outlet.

  2. Hello – please quote the following:

    The Distribution Pump must operate on 120/208 V with thirty (30) m power cord equipped with NEMA 5 power plug;

    I think we have 2 options
    A. Source cable and plug separately and connect in-house
    B. Source cable with plug installed already.

    We may need up to 160 of these cords.

    Please advise of pricing.

  3. Hello I need a power lead for a Grundig Satellit 3400 radio. I can send you a photo of the end that plugs into the radio. The plug end that plugs into the electric socket can be left as I will need a United Kingdom 240V 3 pin plug which I can fit
    Thank you and stay safe in these extraordinary times.

    Kindest regards


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