Police militarization and the unfair narrative

Police militarization is a hot topic these days. Our customer LENCO is at the forefront of providing equipment which some deem unnecessary police militarization but others (like us) fully support given the world in which we live.

How police militarization’s ‘poster child’ is correcting the unfair narrative

Companies such as Lenco, LRAD, Combined Systems, Tactical Electronics, and others must now satisfy the questions and concerns of a larger constituency

“When we consider that basically every department in the municipal government has specialized equipment to perform their jobs – fire departments have very special fire equipment, city DPWs have plow trucks and sanders. Police departments…need equipment like this, not only to protect their lives but to protect the lives of downed citizens in emergency situations.”

Read more: https://www.policeone.com/pulse-of-policing/articles/51422006-How-police-militarizations-poster-child-is-correcting-the-unfair-narrative/

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