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New Lead Tinning Capabilities

We are super excited about our new lead tinning capabilities. What’s even better is our customers are super excited, too!

New Equipment = New Lead Tinning Capabilities

The new equipment we purchased earlier this year has resulted in powerful new lead tinning capabilities which  we are only just starting to take full advantage of. Our capacity is increased and our ability to handle new and different geometries has improved. As the year has progressed we’ve been able to load up the equipment with  more work, but we definitely have the capacity to take on your project. We’re ready to meet your hot solder dipping needs today.

Tired of hearing about lead times for lead tinning in the  12+ weeks range? You’ve come to the right place! Our lead tinning lead times are in the 2-4 week range. Call Missy Crews at 413-664-9371 today for more information.

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