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Zumwalt hull inspires Navy confidence


Source: Portland Press Herald

The Navy’s new Zumwalt class of destroyers will start sea trials in December. Cord Master Engineering builds custom parts for the Zumwalt project.

Navy confident in Zumwalt class destroyers’ seaworthiness despite unusual hull design

“BATH — The largest destroyer built for the U.S. Navy cuts an imposing figure: massive, with an angular shape, hidden weapons and antennas, and electric-drive propulsion. But underneath the stealthy exterior resides a style of hull that fell out of favor a century ago in part because it can be unstable.

The Navy will soon learn how this modern take on the “tumblehome” hull holds up when the first-in-class Zumwalt heads out to sea in December for builder trials in the rough-and-tumble North Atlantic.”


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