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LSZH Data Cables

Low smoke zero halogen isn’t just a requirement for power cords. LSZH data cables are a common request as well.

lszh data cablesOvermolded LSZH Data Cables

Low Smoke Zero Halogen data cables are used in a variety of aerospace and defense applications as well as in large data centers in any industry. If there is a fire, Low Smoke Zero Halogen data cables don’t release poisonous or corrosive gases like a PVC data cable would when burned.

LSZH stands for Low Smoke, Zero Halogens. A low-smoke, zero-halogen cable is one in which the jacket and insulation materials are made of special LSZH materials.”


Because our extensive molding and overmolding capabilities and our vast experience with a variety of Low Smoke Zero Halogen compounds, we can produce data cables that are tightly sealed with a great finish.

Need a LSZH data cable for a project, product, sub-assembly or system? Call Missy Crews at 413-664-9371 today or contact us here.


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