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Lockheed Martin Supplier Performance

We just received our Lockheed Martin supplier performance report card and we scored a perfect 100!

Lockheed Martin supplier performance report card

“In order to provide a more insightful measurement of supplier performance, this monthly report card provides information on your company’s key performance indicators: Quality, and Delivery and is acknowledged as a best practice by the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program. Your company’s overall report card rating is calculated as follows:

(Quality % x .6) + (Delivery % x .4) = Overall Rating

Effective 1 October 2013, the Quality rating includes five components: Part rejects, Floor rejects, Supplier Cause and Corrective Action Requests (SCARs) issued, SCAR response time, and Supplier caused customer escapes. The Delivery rating includes: Parts delivered on time to purchase order contract. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and report card detail the data utilized to calculate the rating.”

Source: Lockheed Martin email

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