J-STD-001 Compliant Tinning Services

Cord Master Engineering provides J-STD-001 Compliant Tinning Services to our global customer base.

What are J-STD-001 Compliant Tinning Services?

The full name of J-STD-001 is “Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies.”

“1.1 Scope This standard prescribes practices and requirements for the manufacture of soldered electrical and electronic assemblies. Historically, electronic assembly (soldering) standards contained a more comprehensive tutorial addressing principles and techniques. For a more complete understanding of this document’s recommendations and requirements, one may use this document in conjunction with IPC-HDBK-001, IPC-A-610 and IPC-HDBK-610.

1.2 Purpose This standard describes materials, methods and acceptance criteria for producing soldered electrical and electronic assemblies. The intent of this document is to rely on process control methodology to ensure consistent quality levels during the manufacture of products. It is not the intent of this standard to exclude any procedure for component placement or for applying flux and solder used to make the electrical connection.”

Source: http://www.ipc.org/TOC/J-STD-001E.pdf

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