HUBZone redesignation impacts some businesses

Cord Master Engineering NOT Impacted by HUBZone Redesignation

Cord Master Engineering is still in a certified HUBZone. If your supplier for LSZH, 3D printing, custom molded cord sets or other products we provide was impacted by a HUBZone redesignation, please keep us in mind!

In the article, “HUBZone Redesignations Looming on October 1,” Jon Williams writes that, “The next batch of redesignated HUBZone areas is set to lose HUBZone status as of October 1. HUBZone-certified firms located in an expiring HUBZone will be decertified from the HUBZone program unless they have moved their principal office to an eligible HUBZone by October 1. HUBZone boundaries are fluid, with changes driven by census data and other statistics that are regularly updated. When new information causes a HUBZone location to lose HUBZone status, that area will no longer qualify for the HUBZone program. To soften the blow for HUBZone firms operating in a redesignated area, SBA permits the location to remain HUBZone-eligible for three additional years.”


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