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Hot Solder

hot solder tinning lead times

Here at Cord Master Engineering we have experienced a strong uptick in requests for hot solder dipping applications. We stand ready to serve your hot solder dipping needs including lead tinning and gold embrittlement mitigation.

New Hot Solder Dipping Machine

The whole reason we purchased our new RPS Odyssey machine was that uptick in demand we’ve experienced over the past year. We provide these services:

  • lead tinning
  • gold embrittlement mitigation

Tinning Lead Times Only 2-4 Weeks!

We’ve heard that some industry giants have 14-16 week lead times on tinning right now. It seems everyone is seeing more demand. We continue to be able to turnaround¬†parts within 2-4 weeks of receiving them.

Need tinning? Call Missy Crews today at 413-664-9371 or request an online quote.


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