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GEIA-STD-0006 Standard

Cord Master Engineering has invested in Robotic Hot Solder Dip technology and we meet the GEIA-STD-0006 standard.

The GEIA-STD-0006 Standard

Robotic Hot Solder Dipping is the only process approved by the TMTI to safely eliminate the risk of tin whiskers without component damage. By controlling dip depth, dwell times, temperatures and chemical monitoring our RHSD equipment meets the GEIA-STD-0006’s stringent requirements. We service components quickly, efficiently, accurately and – most importantly – repeatably. Here are some of the solutions we provide using RHSD:

  • Tin Whisker Elimination per GEIA-STD-0006.
  • Solderability Restoration.
  • Lead-Free Solder Joint Weakness Prevention.
  • Refinishing with Tin/Lead, Lead-free, and Custom Solder Alloys.
  • J-STD-001 Gold Removal and Replacement with SnPb.
  • RoHS Compliance.

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