Fairchild Republic A10 Warthog Lives On

The Fairchild Republic A10 Warthog lives on … and on, and on. Even though the USAF has been talking about moving to a different platform for close air support, this decades-old veteran has proven to be a great platform even well into the 21st century. We found this article today about future plans for the A-10.

fairchild republic a10 warthog
Source: wikipedia.org

A Higher-Tech Fairchild Republic A10 Warthog

USAF A10C Upgraded, Refurbished, Unloved – But More in Demand

“The USAF is to look at a variety of options external link external link to replace the A-10 Warthog for its Close Air Support (CAS) requirements. A study will investigate whether a new clean-sheet design is required, or if existing aircraft such as the AT-6 or A-29 would be best for continued low-intensity “permissive conflict” like counter-terrorism and regional stability operations. An alternative option could involve a derivative of the T-X Advance Trainer, however with the T-X program not due until 2024, it would miss the A-10’s retirement in 2022.”

Read More: https://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/a-highertech-hog-the-a10c-pe-program-03187/

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