Engineering Capabilities

engineering capabilitiesSince I joined the team at Cord Master I have been amazed by the engineering capabilities of my co-workers.

Bernie LaRoche | President | Engineering Capabilities

When it comes to molding power cords, there’s none better than Bernie LaRoche. One of the founders and co-owners of Cord Master Engineering, Bernie’s been in the business a long time. He is in high demand for his industry knowledge but he’s never too busy to talk to a potential customer who’s got questions. Give Bernie a call today at 413-664-9371.

Luis Teixeira | COO | Engineering Capabilities

Luis’ main role is to be the guy who makes sure product goes out the door on time and on budget. But, he’s also a talented wire harness master technician as well. Luis is a combat vet who worked on avionics on F-18’s both ashore and aboard carriers in the US Navy. If you’re requirements include obscure or obsolete milspec connectors, Luis knows where to find them. Call Luis at 413-664-9371 today!

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