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3D Printing

3d printing3D printing services are available from Cord Master Engineering. We can help you think faster, innovate better and broaden horizons with our new Stratasys uPrint SE Plus 3D printer.

3D Printing Capabilities
  • conceptual modeling
  • fast and functional prototyping
  • custom molding and overmolding
  • temporary tooling
  • small-quantity or custom end-use parts

Our Stratasys 3D printer is a highly advanced, powerful platform. It works seamlessly with CAD software. Our Stratasys 3D Printer has a build size of 203 x 203 x 152 mm (8 x 8 x 6 in). It can create functional prototypes that are durable, stable and pinpoint accurate. Our system supports production grade thermoplastic (ABSplus). This plastic is lightweight but durable enough for rugged end-use parts.

3D Printing for Modeling and Prototyping

Engineers and additive manufacturing experts are using 3D printing for modeling and prototyping in the following industries:

  • aerospace/defense
  • automotive
  • medical/dental
  • architecture
  • commercial and consumer products

From NASA’s next-generation Rover to UCLA’s surgical planning, 3D printing technology is changing and accelerating design and manufacturing worldwide. Let us turn your ideas into strong, functional models ready for collaboration, testing and end-use.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information.