Low Smoke Zero Halogen

low smoke zero halogen

Only Cord Master offers 100% LSZH power cords!

Beware cables that have PVC molded ends on LSZH cable. Cord Master offers 100% end-to-end LSZH protection!

Standard configurations (C-13, C-14, C15, NEMA 5-15) all available.

Cord Master Engineering has the resources to design, mold and manufacture almost any Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cable or cord. We can meet almost any Military, UL and CSA requirements to help you:

  • Reduce toxic smoke and corrosive gas emitted during combustion
  • Comply with safety regulations where the protection of people and equipment is critical.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cords and Cables Custom Designed to Meet a Wide Range of Specs

Let us design solutions for your LSZH cables and power cord needs within Military, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements. We offer a large variety of IEC and NEMA plug configurations and data cables, including:

  • North American Cords
  • International Cords
  • Hi Amp Cords
  • Data Center Cords & Cables

We can provide you with drawing services for custom parts. We have a large inventory of MIL style circular connectors for your military, naval or aerospace needs. We also have the capability to overmold with LSZH material for custom cable assemblies. (see Custom Assembly Molding).

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