Custom Molded Cable and Overmolded Cable Assemblies

custom molded cable

Cord Master Engineering develops and manufactures custom molded and overmolded cable assemblies. We also perform cable harness overmolding. Cord Master Engineering performs these custom molded cable services for a variety of military and industrial applications.

Molded and overmolded cable assemblies provide extra protection and strain relief to cables. This ensures that the interface between the cable and backshell of the connector are not damaged. Overmolded cable assemblies are higher quality and last longer than standard cables.

Cord Master Engineering utilizes custom resins such as engineering thermoplastics, low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) and thermoset resins. Our on-site molding enables rapid prototyping, fast lead times and competitive costs for high quality products.

Custom Molded Cable Services

Our services include:

  • Assembly overmold design: We build custom cables, connectors, and backshells for military and industrial applications.
  • Molds for unique cable assembly designs:  Cord Master Engineering engineers custom molded strain-relief, hybrid and multi-legged cables.
  • Custom molds for industry-specific markets: We build single or double ended, “Y” assemblies, straight and right angle overmolding, cable jacketing and European style connectors.
  • Custom tooled mold casts: We can design in logos, letters, numbers, designators and names.