Carpenter Small Wire Cutting Machine

Cord Master Engineering employs a Carpenter Small Wire Cutting Machine to cut and strip small gauge wire. Our custom wire harness and cable assembly business depends upon this unit.

“This Carpenter machine is vital for our wire kitting business. It cuts and strips the small gauge wire we use in kits for customers like Raytheon,” said Luis Teixeira, COO at Cord Master. “The machine consumes special blades and guide rollers. Regular machine operation training is enough to get one of our team up and running on this machine.”

“The Model 93 Compu-Strip offers excellent affordability in an all electric bench top Measure, Cut & Strip machine. This unit incorporates the use of High Torque Stepper Motors, a Precision Ball Screw Blade Mechanism, and User Friendly Electronic Control. With Heavy Duty construction the Model 93 can process a broad range of material from 12-32 AWG Stranded & Solid Copper Wire and Multi-Conductor Cables up to .275″ OD.”


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