Boeing meets its 2015 order target at the 11th hour

A slew of orders in late December allowed Boeing to sell as many planes as it built in 2015.
Boeing (NYSE:+BA) spent much of the past year trying to convince investors that it would be able to book as many orders for new airplanes as it built during 2015.

Just a month ago, its prospects for hitting this target looked rather bleak. As of early December, Boeing had secured only 568 net orders for commercial airplanes in 2015, whereas it planned to deliver 755-760 planes. Meanwhile, its rival Airbus (NASDAQOTH:EADSY)was enjoying yet another year of strong order trends.

Boeing ultimately exceeded its production guidance for 2015, delivering 762 airplanes during the year. However, Boeing also announced on Thursday that it had booked 200 orders in the last few weeks of the year. It therefore ended 2015 with 768 net orders, giving it a “book-to-bill” ratio just above 1.0.

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