3D Printers Shine at Beijing Design Week

3d printersInteresting story about 3D printers from www.3ders.org.

3D Printers Ruled The Show

“Beijing Design Week (BJDW), which began in 2009, has quickly become one of the most significant platforms for international design in China. Meant to bolster design and infrastructure within Beijing, the BJDW has also become a world-class platform for showcasing the latest in sustainable, contemporary design. For the 2015 edition, Beijing Design Week has collaborated with shopping malls, one of which is Parkview Green, a mixed-use commercial space in Beijing and the first to receive a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum level.

Until October 7th, 2015, Parkview Green will host a BJDW Design Hop featuring a number of impressive and sustainably minded installations, pop-up shops, workshops, and exhibitions, many of which have put a strong focus on 3D printing technology. 3D printing has been associated with sustainable manufacturing and design because of its capability to produce objects using only the necessary raw materials while also eliminating the need for post-production retooling.”

Source: http://www.3ders.org/articles/20151001-beijing-design-week-features-vulcan-structure-made-up-of-1100-separate-3d-printed-units.html

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