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Archives for: June 30th, 2016

Special Cable Harnesses

Do you have a project that requires special cable harnesses? You’ve come to the right place!

All Types of Special Cable Harnesses

Cable harnesses come in an endless variety of configurations. Please describe your requirements in order to receive a quote. There are many ways we can accept your requirements for review:

  • Drawings
  • Military part numbers
  • Bills of material
  • Read More

Special Power Cords

Do you have a project that requires special power cords? You’ve come to the right place!

All Types of Special Power Cords

Power cords come in all shapes and sizes. Tell us what you want. There are many variables to consider including:

  • Length
  • Color
  • Wire gauge
  • Connectors
  • Shielded vs. Unshielded
  • And more …

Check our list of Commercial Off…Read More

Local Manufacturing

Cord Master Engineering is a local manufacturing company in North Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Our niche market allows us to be competitive from a HUBZone area.

made in the usa wiring harnesses custom kits local manufacturingInvestment in Local Manufacturing

Cord Master’s continued success is heavily related to our ongoing investment in…Read More

New Lead Tinning Capabilities

We are super excited about our new lead tinning capabilities. What’s even better is our customers are super excited, too!

New Equipment = New Lead Tinning Capabilities

The new equipment we purchased earlier this year has resulted in powerful new lead tinning capabilities which  we are only just starting to take full advantage of. Our capacity is increased and our ability…Read More

Aerospace Quality Wire Harnesses

Many of our customers require aerospace quality wire harnesses. Their customers are military or aerospace organizations who demand a level of reliability and durability that typical commercial applications do not require.

Building Aerospace Quality Wire Harnesses

The wire harnesses we build at Cord Master Engineering are used in a broad variety of military and aerospace applications. Our cable harnesses…Read More

Custom Power Supply Cords

Custom power supply cords are our specialty at Cord Master Engineering.

Do you need Custom Power Supply Cords?

Our customers need power supply cords that are built specifically for their custom requirements. Frequently they need low smoke zero halogen materials. We have extensive experience building power supply cords that meet our customers stringent requirements and specifications. The molding and…Read More

Military COTS Connectors

We found this interesting article about military COTS connectors and decided to share it here.

Article about Military COTS Connectors

“The trick to offering viable connector products for aerospace and defense applications without qualifying these products to military specifications (MIL-SPECs) is meeting the core military or open-systems standards.

Meeting MIL-STD-810, for example, can be an alternative to qualifying products to…Read More

Custom AC Power Cords

Cord Master Engineering produces custom AC power cords for customers in a broad variety of industries. LSZH AC power cords are our specialty.

LSZH Custom AC Power Cords

Our customers can specify length, shielding, gauge, color and connectors for their custom LSZH power cords. We regularly get asked to build one power cord or small batches. Our minimum order…Read More

Replacement Wire Harnesses

Cord Master Engineering produces replacement wire harnesses. We can copy existing wire harnesses or build them from drawings and specifications provided by our customers.

Lead Times for Replacement Wire Harnesses

The lead time required for Cord Master Engineering to produce a wire harness for our customers depends upon several factors. A critical path item is the availability of the…Read More

Wiring Harness Replacements

Cord Master Engineering produces wiring harness replacements. We are often asked to copy existing wiring harnesses. Another option is for us to build them from drawings and specifications provided by our customers.

Wiring Harnesses Replacements Lead Time

The lead time required for Cord Master Engineering to produce a wiring harness depends upon multiple factors. One item on the critical path is…Read More