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Archives for: December 31st, 2015

Happy New Year!

From everyone here at Cord Master, we hope you have a happy, healthy and successful 2016.

We’re excited about our continuous improvement efforts and look forward to delivering improved service and quality to our valued customers in 2016.

We love to get testimonials like this one!

We got a really nice testimonial from one of our long time valued customers this past week and we share it here and on our home page. Thanks, Jeremy!

“With excellent communication and attention to detail at all levels, Cord Master has proven to be a valuable asset. They have taken the time to understand our project, offer suggestions…Read More

Cord Master Retirement Party


Cord Master’s team got together for a photo today in honor of Mary Risch’s retirement party. Mary is leaving us at the end of the year, but with shut down next week we decided to have her party today. Mary has been part of the Cord Master team for over 28…Read More

LENCO Bearcats Save Lives

lenco bearcatsWhy do police need armored vehicles? LENCO Bearcats save lives!

13 times LENCO BearCats saved lives

BearCats are not tanks — they are vehicles of refuge which serve to protect police and civilians alike

Wire Harness Manufacturing Lead Times

wire harness manufacturingWe frequently get asked about our wire harness manufacturing lead times.

Wire harness manufacturing lead time?

For the portion of the manufacturing process that we have total control over, which is the time spent in production, our typical lead times are 2-4 weeks.

Other process steps which add to the…Read More

Raytheon Company Rollercoaster Week

As you can imagine we keep a pretty close eye on Raytheon company news.

Raytheon Company Rollercoaster Week Ends With USAF C-130 Radio Contract Win

Winning the $29.6 million contract to upgrade the C-130 radio ends the week on a positive note

“Raytheon Company (NYSE:RTN) and the United States Air Force have agreed a $29.6 million deal to install…Read More

Zumwalt Destroyer Begins Sea Trials

zumwalt destroyerThe Navy’s newest ship, the Zumwalt destroyer, left Bath Iron Works for the Atlantic Ocean today.

Zumwalt Destroyer Heads to Sea

“POPHAM BEACH – Hundreds gathered in Bath and at Popham Beach early Monday to watch the largest destroyer ever built for the U.S. Navy sail down the Kennebec River for critical sea trials…Read More

First Zumwalt class destroyer heads to sea

Zumwalt class destroyer starts sea trials today. The USS Zumwalt headed out to sea this morning.

zumwalt class destroyer

Zumwalt class destroyer heads to sea

“The largest destroyer ever built for the U.S. Navy headed out to sea for the first time Monday, departing from shipbuilder Bath Iron Works and carefully navigating the winding Kennebec River…Read More