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Archives for: November 30th, 2015

Zumwalt hull inspires Navy confidence

The Navy’s new Zumwalt class of destroyers will start sea trials in December. Cord Master Engineering builds custom parts for the Zumwalt project.

Navy confident in Zumwalt class destroyers’ seaworthiness despite unusual hull design

“BATH — The largest destroyer built for the U.S. Navy cuts an imposing figure: massive, with…Read More

First Article Inspection

What is a First Article Inspection?

“A First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) is a formal method of providing a measurement report for a given manufacturing process. The method consists of measuring the properties and geometry of an initial sample item against given specifications, for example a drawing. Items to be checked in a FAIR are wide and varied and may…Read More

Power Cord Sets: What Are They?

custom power cord setsCustom power cord sets are a specialty at Cord Master Engineering.

What are Power Cord Sets?

A power cord set is a complete power cord with connectors at each end. This is different from a power cord which typically has a single (male) connector and then bare wires…Read More

Wire Harness Assembly

wire harness assemblyWire harness assembly is a specialty here at Cord Master Engineering. It is remarkable how much effort goes into making a single custom wire harness.

Wire Harness Assembly Steps

There are many steps that go into creating a custom wire harness from your specifications and drawings. Our team at…Read More

Ready to Build Quotes

Cord Master Engineering provides Ready to Build Quotes.

What are Ready to Build Quotes?

A Ready to Build Quote is a quote that has been fully researched and reviewed. Our staff has reviewed your request for quote and the bill of materials. We know costs, lead times and minimum purchase requirements for each component. Our engineering and production team…Read More

Custom Wire Harness Manufacturer

custom wire harness manufacturerCord Master Engineering is a custom wire harness manufacturer. We manufacture wire harnesses and cable harnesses. Our minimum order size is ONE! No batch too small.

What does a custom wire harness manufacturer do?

Our team knows how to review your drawing, purchase the components (or spec new…Read More

Custom Over-Molding versus Molding

What’s the difference between custom molding and custom over-molding?

Custom over-molding services are when we apply polymers to a mil spec (military specification) connector. (more…)

Custom Power Cords versus Cord Sets

What’s the difference between custom power cords and custom power cord sets?

Custom power cords have a connector at one end and bare wires or wires with individual terminals at the other end. (more…)