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HUBZone redesignation impacts some businesses

Cord Master Engineering NOT Impacted by HUBZone Redesignation

Cord Master Engineering is still in a certified HUBZone. If your supplier for LSZH, 3D printing, custom molded cord sets or other products we provide was impacted by a HUBZone redesignation, please keep us in mind! (more…)

Aerospace 3D Printing

The purchase we made of a 3D printer last year is starting to look more and more prescient on our part. Aerospace 3D printing is on the rise according to a report published on October 5, 2015 by (more…)

Global Aerospace Materials Market Outlook Strong 2014-2022

Good news for us here at Cord Master! A sizable portion of our sales each year are to the global aerospace market. MarketWatch is forecasting compound annual growth of the global aerospace materials market of 7.4% from 2014-2022. If demand for aerospace materials is up, demand for products we manufacture like low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) cords should be…Read More

Custom Wire Molding

custom wire moldingCord Master Engineering provides custom wire molding services from our AS9100 certified HUBZone shop in North Adams, Massachusetts. NSZH is our specialty! (more…)

Custom Cable Assembly Quote: Speed vs Cost

What kind of custom cable assembly quote do you need? Are you looking for the best price, the best delivery date or a blend?

Custom Cable Assembly Quote Reality

If we have plenty of lead time, we can buy components direct from the manufacturer and reduce your cost. If lead times are short, we may need to buy from a…Read More