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Zumwalt Destroyer Begins Sea Trials

zumwalt destroyerThe Navy’s newest ship, the Zumwalt destroyer, left Bath Iron Works for the Atlantic Ocean today.

Zumwalt Destroyer Heads to Sea

“POPHAM BEACH – Hundreds gathered in Bath and at Popham Beach early Monday to watch the largest destroyer ever built for the U.S. Navy sail down the Kennebec River for critical sea trials…Read More

First Zumwalt class destroyer heads to sea

Zumwalt class destroyer starts sea trials today. The USS Zumwalt headed out to sea this morning.

zumwalt class destroyer

Zumwalt class destroyer heads to sea

“The largest destroyer ever built for the U.S. Navy headed out to sea for the first time Monday, departing from shipbuilder Bath Iron Works and carefully navigating the winding Kennebec River…Read More

Zumwalt sea trial starts today?

Speculation runs strong that today will be the first day for the Zumwalt sea trial.

Zumwalt sea trial: Navy’s new ‘stealth’ destroyer headed to sea

“The BIW-built Zumwalt could cruise down the Kennebec River as early as Monday for long-awaited sea trials of the lead ship…Read More

LENCO Bearcat Ram in Action

We were fortunate enough to work closely withe LENCO on the custom wiring harnesses used in the LENCO Bearcat Ram attachment.
lenco bearcat ram

Cord Master built parts for the LENCO Bearcat Ram

While watching the network news coverage of the horrific situation in San Bernadino, CA the other night we couldn’t help but notice…Read More

Zumwalt sea trials bring spectators

Zumwalt sea trials about to start; spectators hoping to catch sight of Navy’s newest ship.

Zumwalt sea trials may draw watchers along Kennebec River

“BATH — As the Zumwalt (DDG 1000) goes out for sea trials next week, local residents may try to get a glimpse of the 15,760-ton vessel as it leaves Bath Iron Works.

Brian Murray, park manager at Popham…Read More

Cord Master Products Video

Check out this video of Cord Master Products including custom power cords and wire harnesses.

Cord Master Products

The video is a simple iMovie compilation of still shots of Cord Master Products shot in our new light box and then cleaned up with Photoshop. We are adding new photos of products to our website each week. More videos to…Read More

Zumwalt hull inspires Navy confidence

The Navy’s new Zumwalt class of destroyers will start sea trials in December. Cord Master Engineering builds custom parts for the Zumwalt project.

Navy confident in Zumwalt class destroyers’ seaworthiness despite unusual hull design

“BATH — The largest destroyer built for the U.S. Navy cuts an imposing figure: massive, with…Read More

Wire Harness Assembly

wire harness assemblyWire harness assembly is a specialty here at Cord Master Engineering. It is remarkable how much effort goes into making a single custom wire harness.

Wire Harness Assembly Steps

There are many steps that go into creating a custom wire harness from your specifications and drawings. Our team at…Read More

Custom Wire Harness Manufacturer

custom wire harness manufacturerCord Master Engineering is a custom wire harness manufacturer. We manufacture wire harnesses and cable harnesses. Our minimum order size is ONE! No batch too small.

What does a custom wire harness manufacturer do?

Our team knows how to review your drawing, purchase the components (or spec new…Read More